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2017-2018 School Year

2017-2018 School Year Photos 

Coming Soon!!


2016-2017 School Year


2017 Coolidge Talent Show

Congrats to our winners

1st- Cooper McKee

2nd- Hula Dancers, Kiyoko Amos, Jasia Malolo, Elina Malolo, Riona Ishoda

3rd- Cora Kotwan



Red Ribbon Week

                                      The Sea of Red at our Stampede on Monday of Red Ribbon Week! 


                                      This example to show how when you are on drugs, you lose control of your body.

Stuco members applied makeup to teacher volunteers during Stampede… SAY NO TO DRUGS!

                                                           Dress as your Favorite Book Character Day!                               


                                                          Mr. Rogers with Trolley                    Mrs. Loop as the Cat in the Hat

                                                                    Wacky Wednesday




  Junior Welfare League Member, Cassie Gentry              Mr. Woolley accepts the Emerging E Award

 came and volunteered by popping popcorn                      for September. Congrats Mr. Woolley!

                                                          for our Fun Food Friday!

      During Fire Prevention Week, Enid Fire Dept. 


             came to visit K-3rd grades and give a 


          demonstration with the fire truck. 


Terry Mote from the Marshallese Alliance 

came to visit with our students at a

Monday Stampede.




Terry Mote spoke with our students about

the Marshallese culture.


               Teachers were welcomed back to school with a motivational chalk surprise!  I am still not sure who did this! 😊❤️